Monday, June 28, 2010

People I'm Working With

So here's a review of some of the people I'm working with again, and a couple new people here at Tower. First there is Colette, my boss. She's the head ranger at Tower and Law Enforcement as well. It's thanks to Colette that I got the job here because she helped me through the hiring process this past school year, (if you've ever tried to work for the government, you know how difficult the hiring process is.) John K works bears with me. He also started out as an SCA, and he is really good at handling crowds at the bear jams. Ranger Dooley is the backcountry ranger here at Tower. If you had to show the meaning of 'ranger' to someone, it would be Ranger Dooley. He can hike for miles without breaking a sweat and no one would dare to contradict him in the front country. But despite all his Ranger-ness, he's actually a really funny and nice guy. Eric is a permanent LE here at Tower, and he's really knowledgeable about everything that goes on here. He's always working to enforce the law and make the Tower area a safer place. John M is also law enforcement (LE) and always has an opinion that's interesting to listen to. I could probably talk for hours with him, but I would never want to get into a debate with him. Amanda (LE) is one of the coolest rangers here. She's about 6 inches shorter than me, but she would definitely be able to beat me up if she wanted to. Brady (LE) is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. He has a bit of a warped sense of humor sometimes, but then again, I was told I do as well, which may be why I enjoy hanging out with him. There's a new law enforcement ranger here at Tower. His name is Howie, and he's a pretty awesome guy to hang out with. He's also REALLY good at bear jams. He'll swoop in, give a lecture to people chasing after bears, and then turn around and smile at the rest of the visitors. Ron (LE) is really awesome. He's always really calm, but has this look about him like he knows what's going on. Sara was a volunteer here last year, and now she is a ranger, with basically the same job as myself. Sara is really fun to hang out with and always has new information to tell me about something
We have a new SCA here, (my old job), his name is Brian and he seems to be catching on to everything here pretty well. Brian brought one of his friends here when he drove out, and now that friend, Jim, is a volunteer for Tower Ranger Station. He'll mostly be working the bear jams.
There are a few other rangers at the Northeast entrance who stop by once and a while, such as Scott, Ryan, Sally, Gabe, Mike, and Brian C, so you might hear me mention them a few times.
Well that's about it. My hat should be in tomorrow. I am really looking forward to it.


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