Wednesday, June 23, 2010


There's been a moose hanging around Floating Island Lake, about 5 miles west of the station. This is a gorgeous looking moose with a nice set of antlers growing. Its rare to see moose in the park, (my brother can attest to this), and many people spend weeks or so searching for one without any luck, so it's pretty cool to see a bull moose this many times.
I just love living in the mountains. We can get really warm temperatures during the day, but as soon as 6:00pm hits, the temp drops at least 20 degrees. It always gets down to about 31 degrees at night, so it is like free air conditioning. It is also really nice to wake up to a backdrop of mountains every morning. Just taking a look around at the scenery as I walk up to the office is so amazing.
Also, thanks to all those who've commented so far. I may not be responding to all of them, but I am definitely reading them!


Anonymous said...

Wish I could have seen a moose that last two times I was at Yellowstone. Hope you post pictures of it soon.


Claire_Yellowstone said...

It hasn't been around for almost a week now....ill try if it shows up again though.

K. Collins said...

Hey! I'm sorry it's taken me so long to comment. I'm working a 40 hour a week job now so pretty much I'm working, sleeping, and taking care of the fam so not much free time. It sounds like you're having a really great time out there which is awesome. If you had left us and were miserable then that would be unacceptable. Everything's pretty quiet here in Westborough. My free time is spent watching the World Cup (do you get that at Tower?) and reading.

I've started this amazing new series and the more I read the more I want to write and I think once my life quiets down a bit I'm going to start a new series. Did I mention that I'd finished the book I'd been sending you and started the 2nd book in the series? If not, I just did but I think I'm going to put it on hold to try something new. I've had some ideas maturing and I'm going to give them a little more time and then start a new series. Hopefully I'll have a finished draft to show you when you return to the East Coast.

Moose are so cool. I saw some when I worked up in Maine. What other fun wildlife do you get to see? And I'm so jealous of the mountain view in the morning. Being stuck in a closet means I don't get to see much of the outdoors let alone beautiful scenery.

Have you made it to a rodeo yet? You'll have to tell me everything once you do. And do you have exciting July 4th plans? Are you allowed to have fireworks in Yellowstone? Probably not but I'm sure you'll find something fun to do.

Sorry this is so late. I'll try to be better at communicating.

Claire_Yellowstone said...

Hey Kristin,
Believe me, if I go to a rodeo, you'll definately hear about it on my blog.
Like I said to you earlier, don't worry about it. I can understand that you are busy because I am just as busy.
You better send me the series, because my reading material is slim out here

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