Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Iowa and South Dakota

So I posted some photos at the bottom of the page. The past few days have been quite eventful. On our second day of Ann Arbor, one of my mother's friends from grad school, Marijim, and her husband Jess took us to a delicious breakfast and then to the farmers market of Ann Arbor called Kerrytown. All of the vegetables looked so delicious that I wished I wasn't on a road trip so I could buy them.
We left Ann Arbor and Headed to Iowa. After an 8 hour drive, we arrived just in time for supper. My cousin Yvette got to meet my grandparents and my other cousin Brian that night and the next day she met my Aunt and Uncle and my other cousins Dana and Alex. (Lots of cousins!)
We had a good day off in Iowa, visiting with family, playing with the new baby kittens, checking the car, and visiting the pigs of course. Unfortunately we had to get a move on the next morning and move on to South Dakota. That day, (our fifth day) was our longest day of driving. I think the total was around 10 hours! But we did take a break from the open highway by stopping at the Mitchell Corn Palace. The outside of this extravagant structure was covered in beautiful art pieces of corn. (Pictures at the bottom)
We arrived at this little mom and pop inn called Dakota Inn in Kadoka, South Dakota. The most amusing thing about this inn was the pool. It was one you would not want to take a dip in. It was about two feet deep, and a nice emerald green......with algae. :P Yuck~
Today we did a small geology walk in the Badlands National Park. Now if you haven't ever been to the Badlands, I highly recommend at least taking a drive through the upper loop. Hiking through the eroded rocks is also quite fun because there is never a set path; you have to make your own. After the Badlands it was to Wall Drug. Wall drug was a small Drug store struggling to survive in the early 1930's. The original owner compelled people to stray off of Highway 90 by offering free ice water. The current owner still offers that.....along with tourist items, a cafe, a small mall, western wear, an arcade, and a giant t-rex. Very fun.
Then we saw Mount Rushmore. It was pretty cool, and thats the end of today. Tomorrow we arrive in Yellowstone. For that I am very excited. I cannot wait to see all the rangers again!


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