Monday, June 14, 2010

The standard

One thing I've been wanting to do for a while is learn how to drive a standard or a stick-shift car, and two days ago I finally got the chance. Brady taught me in his truck. I have no idea why he wanted to do this, because I assumed since I know nothing of standard cars that I would accidentally break the transmission or something. Despite my warnings, he was still willing to teach me which was extremely awesome of him. So we get in the car, and before I can move 1 foot, I stall it. After, I think, two more stalls, I manage to get out of the parking space. But then it takes another two stalls to get moving forward in first gear. We head down the Tower driveway and do a U-turn near the backcountry office. I somehow manage to shift into second gear on the way back without stalling. We are then about to go up the small hill towards the upper office. I downshift to first gear and get to that and around a dirt road fine.
Then, Brady seemed to think I was ready to go on the real road. So I tried and then shifted all the way up to 3rd gear! We were going 30 mph! It was so scary. We then pulled into Roosevelt lodge to turn around, which I do fine. But as soon as we get to the turn back onto the regular road, I stop. Now getting going again in first gear is still really hard. I think I stall about 4 times before I get back on the main road.
We get back to Tower okay, and I manage to stall the car one final time about 2 feet away from the car being parked. Overall, I would say it was a success because I didn't break his car. But it is very exciting to "know" how to drive a standard car. Thanks again to Brady!


M G H said...

Hey, Claire!
Your mom sent me the address for your blog. What an amazing way to spend the summer!

I tried to learn to "drive stick" a long time ago----and only once. I was hopeless.

If you're into horror stories read Rachel Carson's Silent Spring. I'm reading it for the first time, and it is chilling. It's a wonder there is any life left on our poor planet!

Have a great time! (And BTW: I think "away from the bear" is the best way to go.)

"Auntie Gretchen"

Melanie said...

How much do you owe him for a new clutch? ;) I'm just a little jealous of your opportunity to learn how to drive a standard. I've yet to find anyone who's willing to teach me. But anyway, it sounds like you're having fun which is all that matters. Keep up the exciting adventures!

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