Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Same old, some new.

Well, here we go again. I begin my stay at Tower with a bison grazing on the dandilions not five feet away from my trailer. I wish the weed control in Massachusetts was that good.
I have been worried for the past few days because my background check hadn't cleared, (all federal employees must go through one) but yesterday I got news that it cleared, just in time for me to start working. Hooray!
Only a few things have changed here. Brady and Amanda, (two Law-Enforcement Rangers who worked with me last year as well) have a new dog named Arlo. He is very sweet and fluffy. But of course, along with the fluffyness comes shedding.
I'm in a different trailer, but still near the creek so I'll be able to hear it at night. One thing that definately hasn't changed is the bears. they are as active as usual. On monday afternoon, a bear came in to the Ranger station area. He wandered around and into the horse corals until John M. and Eric chased him back to the woods. With all the vehicle traffic at the station, it's not safe for a bear to wander around. This is why it is a nessisity to push it back into its natural habitat.
So tomorrow I'll try to make a post about the people I'm working with again. I know I made one in my last blog, but refreshers are always nice.
Until next time!


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Myself in my uniform from a couple of years ago. I wear normal clothes to the office now.