Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Now that I am working for the National Park Service(NPS), I get to wear the NPS uniform. Now if you are one of the many people who've heard me say "I'm very excited to get my ranger hat," you might be able to understand my disappointment with the next sentence. My hat came in, but it was a size too big, and I had to send it back for a different size. So now I have to wait another week and a half probably to get it. Not fun.
The sizing of the clothes is very confusing as well. Not only did I have to send back my had but also my sweater, windbreaker, hat band, and my pants (which were about 4 sizes too did that happen!?)
Apart from the frustrating ordering online, the uniform looks good. My long sleeve shirt requires a tie, so that can be annoying at times....but it still looks good and that's what matters!
Having a badge is awesome too. It doesn't really do anything except sit on you and be shiny.
As usual, I have my bear spray and my radio. No change there. And for the time being, while I'm waiting for my Ranger hat to come in, I get to wear an NPS ball cap if I so choose.


Melanie said...

Once you get all the parts of your uniform in, I want to see pictures of you all suited up...especially wearing the hat.

Anonymous said...

Bummer! You were so stoked about that hat.


Timon said...

Your living my dream of been a park ranger, keep up the good work, you look awesome in your uniform to :)

I also have a full NPS Uniform, only cause it was my dream to be a ranger, least i didn't have any problems with the sizing luckily :) fits nicely :)
take a look heh

Claire_Yellowstone said...

It's never too late to start your dream, Timon. Contact a park you want to work at. Sometimes human resources can help you out on getting your foot in the door. :)

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Myself in my uniform from a couple of years ago. I wear normal clothes to the office now.