Friday, May 28, 2010

End of day two

Well here it is: the end of day two, but still the beginning of a summer. While I have enjoyed these past few days of travel, I still find myself looking forward at the days to come.
After only two days of driving for long spans of time, I am beginning to find it easier to spend long periods of time in the car. I did not realize it would be this easy to get used to. Our (Yvette and I) first day of travel mostly consisted of driving through Massachusetts and across upstate New York. It really isn't that different from any of the other highways in Massachusetts, so there wasn't much to say about it. However, when we reached the Niagara Falls area, we had to cross two bridges to get to the motel, and might I add, these were very large bridges! The size of them might have even frightened me at first, but they were quite comfortable to drive across. Yvette said she was able to see the mist of the falls atop one of them while we were driving.
This morning we went to the falls themselves. For a large tourist attraction, it was quite empty, I thought. Perhaps because it was earlier in the morning, but it was nice to have room to walk and breathe. There were two views were we saw the falls. We first stood near the brink of the southern most falls. and then we walked across a few bridges and came to the brink of another part of the falls closer to Canada. The second lookout we went to got us about 10 feet from the brink of one of the falls. Talk about vertigo! The view was amazing, and the feeling of the mist even better.
We then headed out of New York state and into the top left corner of Pennsylvania where, apparently, they have vineyards! After resisting the urge to stop at a winery, we passed into Ohio and drove along the border of Lake Erie. We were able to get one small glimpse of the lake, and boy! Was it big! I couldn't see the other side!
Then it was off to Ann Arbor Michigan where Jim and Maryanne, friends of my parents, graciously welcomed us into their home.
So that is the end of the first two days. I'm very excited for tomorrow, I will be arriving in Iowa and get to see my family!


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Have fun! Are you able to post pictures?

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