Saturday, July 10, 2010

Another day off

On Thursday, I had a great day off. Brady, Amanda, Arlo, Tango, and I went on a hike up Pine Creek Trail in the Gallatin Natl Forest. The first part of it was kinda hard. It was all uphill, so there was basically no warm-up for the hike. It was a pretty hike, not really one of my favorites though that I've been on. Unfortunately once we got to the second creek crossing, I had a huge blister on the back of my right heel. Which forced us to turn back. I feel really bad about that part.
We then went down to bear creek and let Arlo, (and Brady), get their feet wet for a while. After that we had a lunch of ice cream and nectarines in Gardiner. We then headed down to Arch Park next to the Roosevelt Arch in Gardiner. We all lay down in the freshly cut grass for a couple hours, the dogs playing once and a while.
For dinner, John M joined us at the Raven grill. The Raven is the best place to eat in Gardiner. The steak there is to die for and they've got some other pretty good meat dishes as well. This dinner was treated to us by Gil and Sharon who were campground hosts at the Tower Falls campground until during one big thunderstorm, their camper was crushed by two fallen trees. So thanks to them for the great meal.


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