Monday, May 10, 2010

The Adventure Begins

Well, here it is. The beginning of a new summer. Right now, I am still ecstatic of what luck has brought me. But I would also like to begin this blog by thanking my dad. He pushed me to do my internship last summer, (of which I was unsure of because it was three months away from home), and thus he instigated the path of me applying to this job. Last summer was one of the best summers of my life, with many new experiences and adventures, and I am looking forward to this coming one.
I have been getting many questions of when my flight leaves. However, this year I am driving out to Tower Ranger station in Yellowstone. My parents have permitted me to the use of one of their cars for the summer, (can I call it my car yet?). Last year at Tower, I found myself begging for rides and felt that I was somewhat isolated, which is why I asked to take the car.
But I will not be alone in driving across this great country. My cousin, Yvette, is coming with me. We plan to stop at places such as: Niagara, Ann Arbor, Iowa, Mitchell Corn Palace, Badlands, Mt. Rushmore, Wall Drug, and the battlefield of Custer's last stand. The conclusion of the trip will be two days of sightseeing in Yellowstone, with a personal tour guide of 'moi' (Me).
So stay tuned!


Yvette Graveline said...

I am so proud of you Claire!

Rob Stout said...

We're looking forward to you stopping by-Uncle Rob

Laura said...

This is SO cool!

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