Thursday, June 9, 2011

People I am working with--(2011)

Here's a new update of people I'll be working with at Tower.  This is going to pretty similar to last year's post (lots of copy and paste). 
First there is Colette, my boss. She's the head ranger at Tower and Law Enforcement as well.  She knows just about everything there is to know about the district and most of the park as well. John K works bears with me. Like me, he also started out as an SCA, and he is really good at handling crowds at the bear jams.  Ranger Dooley is the backcountry ranger here at Tower. If you had to show the meaning of 'ranger' to someone, it would be Ranger Dooley. He can hike for miles without breaking a sweat and no one would dare to contradict him in the front country. But despite all his Ranger-ness, he's actually a really funny and nice guy.  We have a new permanent  Law Enforcement (LE) ranger here at Tower.  Her name is Jan and so far I've concluded she is pretty awesome.  Amanda (LE) is one of the coolest rangers here. She's about 6 inches shorter than me, but she would definitely be able to beat me up if she wanted to (luckily, I don't think she wants to). Brady (LE) is super cool as well and is  one of the nicest people out there (with an awesome warped sense of humor).  Ron (LE) is always really calm, but has this look about him like he knows what's going on. Sara is a ranger with basically the same job as myself. Sara is really fun to hang out with and always has new information to tell me about something.  Howie (LE) is back, but he is stationed at the Northeast entrance this year.  He said he is going to work with all the rangers on increasing rescue and technical rope skills, which I am looking forward too.  Ed is the fire lookout on top of Mt. Washburn.  Until the road up the Mt. is cleared, he stays down here at Tower and helps out with bear jams.
There's another new SCA this year (my old job from 2009) her name is Hannah and she will be my roommate.  She hasn't arrived yet but I look forward to meeting her.   Rachel is a new General ranger here at Tower.  She'll be doing a lot of Backcountry with Ranger Dooley. Jim is back as Tower's volunteer doing many bear jams.

UPDATE 07/02/11:  So we had to more rangers arrive later in June after I had done this post.  One of them is named Mary.  She's working at the Northeast Entrance gate but she's living at Tower.   Mary's pretty fun, and hikes even on a sprained ankle.  That's pretty cool.  The other one who arrived is named Bridget.  She's our very first Interpretation Ranger stationed at Tower.  She's the one who helped me find the name of that Clemantis flower.  I forgot to mention Scott, who's LE out of the NE entrance as well as some of the other gate rangers: Peggy, Bethany, Sandi, Sally, and Evan.  If there is anyone I forgot, I'll try to update this again.


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