Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Back in Yellowstone

May 31, 2001
Day one back in Yellowstone and I was awoken @ 6:41am by loud grunts outside my window.  Bison alarm clocks aren't so bad, plus there is an added bonus of very close up pictures. 

Shortly after my wake-up call, it began to snow.  First lightly, then it started to stick.  My first thought was to turn up the heat and read under the covers, but I decided to go take a look at Tower Fall to see what it looked like in the snow.  Since the spring melt is going on right now, Tower Fall was quite loud with large quantities of water going over the edge.  It was a wonderful sight to see in the snow with no one else around.  Funny thing about the Tower sub-district right now: there is only one road in and out.  There was a rock slide that closed the west road to Mammoth and the closest town.  There is inclement weather and avalanche conditions that is keeping the southern road from opening.
I'm in the same housing I was my SCA year (2009), so that means newer kitchen stuff and (unlike last year) no mice! It's also right next to the creek so on nights where it doesn't go below freezing, I open my window and the creek puts me to sleep.  Those who know me, know that I like to keep my window open even in VERY cold temperatures, but below freezing is a bit cold when I don't even turn on the heat in my housing. 
As usual, I plan to use my next post to talk briefly about the people I'm working with because usually in the later posts they always come up and it's nice to have a reference. 
6/2/11 update:
Road west is now open.  They cleared the rock slide.


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