Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Not only are there fun things to do in the park, but there are also fun things to do outside of the park. Recently, four of the other rangers and I went to the Livingston Professional Bull Riding Rodeo. At the beginning of the rodeo, the riders all came in with their chaps and cowboy hats and lined up. Then there was a helicopter that flew in some of the more famous bull riders and landed in the middle of the arena, and the bull riding began. So the basic rules of bull riding are as follows:

-You have to stay on the bull for at least 8 seconds
-If you do happen to stay on the bull for 8 seconds, you need to try to get off the bull safely and make sure the bull doesn't ram you with it's horns or hooves
-After that you get judged by the judges (if you had stayed on for 8 seconds) for a score out of 100
-The highest score wins

One of the more cooler rides, (although this ride only got second place), was where a bull and rider came out of the pen, and after about 3 seconds of the bull bucking, the bull tripped or fell over. But the rider managed to stay on! And he continued to stay on for a full 8 seconds on the bull. The crowd was going wild.
In the end, the winner got a really nice guitar as a prize, a super nice shot gun, and the chance to go onto the PBR finals in Las Vegas.

After the rodeo, the rangers and I went to this bar that had some live music. The bar name was "The Office." Gabe and Bethany were very excited about the name because they are both big fans of "The Office" the show.

That night we went to a campground just outside of Livingston and camped in tents. I put up my tent for the first time this year and found out it can fit 4 people or so. My dad did not tell me it was that big when he gave it to me.

Pictures will be up soon of the rodeo.


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Myself in my uniform from a couple of years ago. I wear normal clothes to the office now.